1. I am a new client, how do meal packages work?

All new orders will be started the following week no matter what day they are placed. If you are a returning client, all orders must be in by Friday at 8pm to be in for the following week. Healthy Warrior weeks run Monday-Friday and that is for both delivery and pickup which occur 3x a week. You can pick up or receive meals Monday Wednesday and Friday. Your bag will include 2 days of food (except Friday) along with your menu and current package details. Healthy Warrior tries to be as earth friendly and green as possible. Please return all containers, jars, and ice packs to bags and leave at your pick up or delivery locations. We will swap the old bags with the new ones for you through out the week. Thank you for your help in keeping our carbon footprint as small as possible.

2. I placed my order now what?

First check your email for your welcome letter. This answers a lot of our first time client questions. If you can't see your letter please check your spam folder.

3. I ordered food today, when will it show up or be ready for pick up?

All new clients are started at the top of the following week. Your food will be delivered to your home or available for pickup based on what you chose at checkout. If you are unsure of what you chose please check the bottom of your receipt, it will specify pick up or delivery as well as the pick up location you chose.

4. I'm going on vacation, how do I pause, cancel and eventually restart my order?

Please log in to the site and go to your menu. It will have a section that says manage subscription. Please click here and hit pause or cancel. If you need to unpause your order please do so by the Friday before you plan to return. This will help us prepare to have your food on time. Please add the dates you plan to be paused so we can keep track as well.

5. I love my food but I need to change my package. What do I do?

Please log in to the site and go to your menu. It will have a section that says manage subscription. Please click here and hit pause or cancel. Then go back to the main page and place a new order. If your order is paused or cancelled it will no longer be charged to your card on file.

6. I chose to pick up, what time will my food be ready?

Your meals are ready as soon as your pick up location is open. You can stop in at any time that is convenient for you.

  • Nutrishop 3905 State Street #1 - Open 10am-8pm
  • The Lab 121 Gray Ave - Open 8:30am-3pm
  • The Base 116 Anacapa St - Open 7am-7pm

7. What do I do with my bags and containers?

HW has switched to all recyclable and compostable products. We are not currently taking back containers or bags at this time but we will update you with any changes.

8. Placing an order and I don't see a menu option, where is it?

HW is different from the average meal prep program. We source local organic nutritious products to serve you weekly. Most importantly we stay seasonal. This means our menu changes weekly and is the chef's choice. Your profile is extremely important for us. We need as much detail as possible so we can feed you the things you need and love! Don't be shy, please spill all the dietary beans!

9. My meals are not at my door. What happened?

If your delivery was unsuccessful this means our driver had an issue with the drop. Issues can vary. Oftentimes they are from coolers not being left out, gate codes not being sent, or in some cases construction in your neighborhood. Nutrishop is our main pick up location when these issues occur. Please reach out to us to with question via email at healthywarriorhelpdesk@gmail.com or text at or (805) 881-1681.

  • Nutrishop 3905 State Street #1 - Open 10am-8pm

10. Does HW deliver to me?

HW delivers from Goleta to Carpinteria. If you are outside of this limit please choose pick up at check out. If you choose delivery your order will still be brought to Nutrishop as you are outside our delivery zone.

  • Nutrishop 3905 State Street #1 - Open 10am-8pm

11. I forgot my password?

From the login page, click "Forgot your Username or Password?" link to reset your password.

12. I don't see my question!?

Click here to ask for help.

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